Dmytro Oliinyk, Power Systems Support Specialist, February 2014 – present

I became aware of the IBM Apprenticeship during my last year of college. I was studying BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in IT and during my last year of studies, I heard about the IBM Apprenticeship scheme as it was talked about a lot by our lecturers. I have always been interested in IT so I decided to investigate the scheme further, and once I found out what the IBM Apprenticeship scheme involved and what opportunities I would have, I decided that it was definitely something I would like to do. I wasn’t interested in going into University I have always believed that the apprenticeship is a better way of getting qualifications and also doing on the job training which gives you an opportunity to gain some valuable experience in the working world.

I started the IBM Apprenticeship scheme on the 10th February with two weeks of introduction education which showed the history of IBM, and how the business looks like and operates today. During these two weeks we have also had some technical training which I enjoyed the most as I consider myself to be a very technical minded person. I have now started in my new role in Power Systems support. I am currently in the process of learning about the system, what techniques I will be using to help support the systems and the clients using them, and how the whole process of troubleshooting problems works.

My most exciting achievement so far is joining IBM. I have put a lot of hard work to get here and I am proud to say that I am an IBM Apprentice. This apprenticeship means that I can gain a wealth of experience in different sections of the IT industry while achieving my qualifications at the same time. I am excited by the opportunity to work with like-minded people and learn from their experience, which I appreciate the most.

In terms of advice to all future apprentices – be honest and be yourself! IBM (and all companies) value that factor.


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