Welcome to the team…


Clock-wise from top left: Sean Bell, Oliver Pope, Thomas Cope, Ryan McManus, Samuel Mcauley, Hollie Sauvage, Adam Stankevitch

“Beginnings are always messy” – John Galsworthy, Nobel Prize for Literature 1932

“And here. We. Go.” The Joker, played by Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Here’s to living up to those fine words … please welcome the new IBM Apprentice Blog team. Each one of the above photos belongs to an IBM Apprentice who is now an official author and contributor to the IBM Apprenticeship blog. Exciting stuff!

Watch this space for weekly blogs (starting next week with Hollie Sauvage) introducing you to the team, their roles, their experiences and anything else that makes for good reading! Make sure you keep an eye out as well for guest contributions on Sales School (I’m sure lots of learning was had!) and updates from the Connecting Women in Foundation project.

If you want to get involved, there’s still plenty of time, please contact Oliver Pope (olivpope@uk.ibm.com) to get your picture on the banner!

See you next week, it’s going to be great.


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