Hollie Sauvage – An Introduction…

Hello, my name is Hollie, I am 21 years old and a new IBM recruit through the latest Apprenticeship intake in April 2014. Although based in Warwick, I am working on an IBM base working for one particular client in Preston.

I found out about the IBM Apprenticeship through a friend who has been an apprentice with IBM for over 2 years. He explained to me the many, many opportunities available, and the opportunity to follow nearly any career pathway within IBM. This was something that massively interested me, did not feel like a step back at all, and after having gone to college to do a degree if anything I’d wished I done it sooner!

My application to the IBM Apprenticeship started in November 2013. Initially, the first step was to complete and submit the application form and IBM provided CV. The next step was an online aptitude test, and then my CV was reviewed again, all before even being interviewed! The assessment centre involved group tasks, presentations and also interviews with many IBMers, which although scary, was a fantastic chance to meet some of the other apprentices helping out on the day, and finding out some more information about the Apprenticeship.

After all of that, I was accepted onto the Apprenticeship and started in April this year. My first two weeks as an IBMer involved a two week induction where we learnt all about IBM, the Apprenticeship scheme and got to know some of our fellow apprentices and other IBMers. I found induction to be a great opportunity for me to be able to learn some technical skills, something I didn’t have before joining IBM, and some of the IBMers who taught different courses on the induction were fantastic in teaching these technical skills. Most of the other apprentices on my induction were not technical apprentices either so it was good to all be in the same boat and not have to worry that my skills were behind anyone else. All of the other IBMers made us feel at ease that technical skills were not essential, and if needed most skills would be learnt on the job.

During induction, we also found out which projects we would be working on after induction. I found out I was working on a project in Preston, with one of the other apprentices I started on Induction with. This made my first day far less scary as I was starting with someone else. On induction, we also met another IBMer who works in our team in Preston (she was on a different course) and we were able to then find a little more out about the project, so that we had some more information on the project before we began.

My role within the project is incident management, so if a fault occurs within the clients systems, that fault information is then sent to us, where we pass it onto the relevant team to fix the fault. Since starting on the project, I have also had the opportunity to be able to support one of the Service Delivery Managers with a reporting task and also sign up for other training opportunities within the project, working with other teams.

Although I am still fairly new to the project, currently only 4 weeks in, I feel that my move to IBM is perfect in that it enables me to be able to take on new opportunities and roles, and move wherever my skills and experiences will allow me.


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