Opportunities: role rotation and education – Hollie Sauvage

Hello everyone! Last time I blogged, I mostly talked about what it was like getting into IBM, now I’ll talk about what it is like once you are actually here. I’ve been an IBMer now for only 4 months, but it has been a busy 4 months. After my move from home to Preston, which was initially very daunting, I have settled in to my role, taken part in an external course, and started to look at moving onto a different role already.

Over the past few months in our team, the role has been tough, and there has been lots of work involved, but it has been a great 4 months. Initially settling into the role was quite challenging as not only was I getting used to being an apprentice and working for IBM, I also had to learn about the role itself. In a short space of time I became a more experienced member of the team, and I am now entrusted with being on call. It is my turn this week!

Since my last blog post, I have also been on a 3 day course, ITIL V3 Foundation. It has been an excellent course, and although quite a challenge, it has given me a fantastic understanding of the basic way in which a project is run when providing IT services. Project Management has always been something that has interested me as I am definitely not a ‘techie’, and definitely a career progression route I am going to look into at IBM, so this course was fantastic for a basic understanding in this sense – one I would definitely recommend, despite the exam at the end!

Within the apprenticeship, it is also recommended that you try to rotate around to a different role every 6 months or so, and this is something that I am looking into next. My next project will be in Farnborough, and I will be working on the Change team, so managing hardware and software changes for a specific client that IBM works for. I am very excited to work in this role, and looking forward to the big move in October.

As well as this big change, coming up for me I have a few other courses to attend in the coming months. There are some mandatory courses that all Apprentices have to attend to be able to complete the apprenticeship, so I have to complete these in the coming months.

There are definitely lots of fantastic opportunities available in IBM, not only in projects and roles to work in, but also in the number of courses and different types of education that you can attend. I am looking forward to be able to take on a number of these opportunities in the coming months and all throughout my apprenticeship and time at IBM.


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