Lewis Davies – An Introduction

Who, What, Where, Why, When and How? Apparently If I answer all these you’ll know everything about me which is exactly what I want to achieve with my first post. But first of all let me say thanks for reading and getting involved with both IBM foundation and the apprenticeship scheme. I hope to keep these posts mildly amusing for you all as well as of course keeping them informative.

Who am I?….I’m spider man! Just kidding I’m actually an apprentice who is nearing 2 years on the scheme now which sounds much longer than it actually feels. I joined IBM straight from college with full A levels in Economics Business Studies and 3 As Levels in History, Maths and Biology which leads me nicely to why? (I said I’d answer all those questions but there’s no guarantee of what order they will come in and for that I apologies. Let’s say the questions are coming in an “Agile” or “Dynamic” style and score a few points on the buzzword bingo?)

Why the IBM apprenticeship? My decision making on what I truly wanted to pursue at university was utterly terrible and I’ll be honest I was starting to lose sleep over the issue. I hadn’t really considered alternatives to university at all and as a result I almost embarked on a 3rd year at college to complete a full maths A-level to enable me to go on and study Macroeconomics. I had started to come to terms with the sorry fact I would be staying at college for one more year while my peers would be out partying for fresher’s week when an IBM apprentice came to my college and explained what the scheme involved and how well I could progress. Credit where its due Joseph Winter – you sold it to me well and I was determined from here on to get on to this great scheme!

So what do I do? I started the apprenticeship as a Change Analyst (after spending half a day comprehending what that title even meant!). I quickly picked up the reigns and was out chasing stakeholders for impact assessments and providing daily updates to the accounts big dogs which was all rather scary at first until I remembered I wasn’t on the young apprentice and Lord Sugar couldn’t fire me for making the odd slip up. My next role was in Asset and License Management. Most of my time in IBM has been performing this role and it has given me some good opportunities to get some externally recognised certification in ITIL and Smart cloud control desk as well as allowing me to travel to various IBM and non IBM sites. My next venture is just starting as I am due to join my accounts (a public sector Shared Service Delivery) infrastructure team where I will be specialising in networking again (with more scope for a few Cisco qualifications there!).

Anyway research shows your attention will start to dwindle around the 500 word limit which is exactly on that 500 back there in bold, so if you’re still reading congratulations you have a really long attention span and I can vouch for you receiving a 1 or 2+ this year (internal IBM ratings for annual performance). Although I didn’t manage to get through all those questions I’m sure you get my drift when I say that choosing the apprenticeship scheme was easily the best decision I’ve ever made and I look forward to telling you all about my experiences in my new role and life as an apprentice through this blog.

All the best, Lewis


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