Changing Roles by Hollie Sauvage

Hi everyone! Since my last update I have started working in a new service delivery centre in Farnborough, working with 5 different projects. It is a completely new opportunity for me and is a fantastic chance for me to be able to build on my skills and experiences.

In my new role, Change Manager, I work within a small team to manage the changes that take place on the applications and the hardware, not only for the multiple clients, but also internally in the office. It is my job to communicate these changes to the customer, and ensure that other suppliers that also provide similar support to the clients are also aware, so that their systems are not affected as well.

Although I am still very new to this role, the role itself looks to be challenging, and will require me to be able to learn many new skills, and will allow me to progress myself and my career not only for now, but for the future.

To help me with this role, I have also been working on some online courses through IBM, that will help me with Change Management that can be applied to every project, and there are loads of online courses available to choose from, that can be done anywhere at any time. A lot of these online courses are free to do, which makes it a great chance to pick up some new skills that will help you gain the knowledge to change of career route, or gain new knowledge in your current career pathway.

As well as working on this new and very exciting project, I am also still working on my current project in Preston, part time. Since doing my ITIL course, I have been able to apply some of this knowledge to the role in Preston, as well as my new role in Farnborough, and it has been very interesting to see how this Service Management Framework can apply to many different projects and situations.

As well as this, I have also become the Location Lead for the Warwick and Birmingham area. This giveback role means being the point of contact for schools and colleges in this area, and organising careers fairs and other events to promote the various IBM Foundation Schemes available to students, as it is not just Apprenticeships that are available!

Giveback is an excellent way within IBM to be able to take on new responsibilities outside your current role and Foundation, and to pass on some experiences and skills to other people, as well as helping local communities. There are many different Giveback opportunities available, so it is essentially up to you what you want to do to help, depending on the time, skills and experiences that you have!

For me, in the next couple of weeks and months, I will be able to build on my knowledge and experiences with some more essential education, as well as learning more about my new role, and taking the next step to moving to this project full time and transferring my current skills and experiences to this new role.


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