Stepping up – Hollie Sauvage

Hello everyone! Since my last post, I have now completely rolled off my project in Preston and I am working full time in Farnborough. I have also completed some more educational courses – one of which all Apprentices have to complete, and I have also taken on more giveback.

First off, I am now working full time in Farnborough, which is exciting, and much better for my training, as I can learn and shadow for the full week and see the full process of changes much more clearly as well as having a better opportunity to understand what each change is about. I have also had the opportunity to be able to lead multiple client calls, as well as internal status reviews on the project on a daily basis.

When two of my team members went away on courses, I had the opportunity to manage an entire change process on my own for two days. At first this was quite daunting, but my team members had faith and I can now say that this has been by far my biggest achievement. This experience gave me the confidence to put what I’ve learnt in my training into practice and I felt secure in leading the client’s calls and status review meetings without my team as a safety net.

As well as this, I have also completed some more educational training. As part of the Apprenticeship, there is some mandatory education that needs to be done to be able to pass, and I have just completed one week of this. This week long course was a great chance to meet new people, and work together as a team. I was the only Apprentice on this course, as everyone else was Graduates, and most of these were in their second week of joining IBM. It was a great chance to share some of my knowledge about IBM that I had built up over my short time with the company. The course was a fantastic chance to work with a case study and complete a project within our teams in a short space of time, ensuring that all tasks were completed and ready, before presenting our prototypes and projects to some IBM managers. In our groups, we all had different roles to fill, but essentially, we all had to work together to make sure we finished within the tight deadlines set.

Coming up in the next few weeks before Christmas, I have more educational training to complete. I have a 3 day course learning about the fundamentals of Project Management, which will greatly improve my career prospects in this area. This is a course I have chosen to complete, which I hope will give me better understanding of Project Management. I also have some more giveback I am going to complete. I will be going back into my secondary school to give a presentation about the Apprenticeship Scheme, and we have also arranged to go into other schools in the area to give information to Students about the opportunities available.


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