Down to Earth – Ryan McManus

I’m not here to tell you what you already know, you have read the website, you have looked at the company. Instead let me tell you the top 10 things that in my opinion, make the IBM apprenticeship amazing.

  1. The company- The reputation of the company is bound to impress.  It is a well-recognised and renowned company and of course, is a market leader.
  2. The Learning-This is what you’re in the apprenticeship for. You want to learn, you want to get a second to none learning experience and that is what you will get. You get online and classroom training courses. You could attend service line days where you will get the chance to listen/ speak to some inspirational and motivating speakers. You can attend lunch and learns via live conference or attend in account training sessions tailored for you and your role.  There are many written/video blogs posted by senior executives or specialists in an area of IBM, which will provide you information on the company, where it is moving, how it is performing and general learning that will help you perform in your role, build your understanding and develop your career.
  3. The money- Straight to the point. IBM offers a very appealing apprenticeship wage, which is better than the majority of apprenticeship wages out there! (Take a look for yourself)
  4. Their commitment to keep you-I know too well that some apprenticeships out there will take advantage of the opportunity to pay minimum wage. Yes they give you a qualification at the end of it, but apprenticeships should be much more than that. From day one IBM have you long term career in mind  If you can prove yourself on the apprenticeship, IBM have a full time job for you when you finish. They provide some outstanding training all the way through the scheme, both mandatory and optional. The training will help learn new skills and enhance your existing ones, so you can perform at your best throughout your career.
  5. The qualifications-You have something to work towards, something credible that you can add to your portfolio, something to be proud of! We are not talking about getting qualifications that no one has ever heard of, or an examining body that seems not quite right…At the end of your apprenticeship you will get well recognised and well respected qualifications.
  6. The roles- IBM is a huge company so needless to say there is a vast amount of roles on offer.  The types of roles that might be on offer could depend on the type of IBM apprenticeship you are going to go for. Nevertheless there are still hundreds of roles that you can go into. Some apprenticeship schemes on offer might put you in one role throughout the whole apprenticeship, but not IBM. IBM will place you in a role to help you settle in to begin with and after that role ends, you can choose your own!  Rest assured you will get all the help, support and guidance you need to help find new roles in the company whilst in your apprenticeship. I think this is amazing because I have not heard about this opportunity to move roles in other apprenticeships.  Moving roles gives you a huge breadth of experience, provides the opportunity to learn more, meet new people, creates fresh and exciting opportunities and give you the option to move locations.
  7. The support/ environment- From the day you get into the apprenticeship, is the day you become an IBM’er. You will walk into a friendly and collaborative environment with people more than willing to support you. You get assigned a Professional Development Manager whose responsibility it is to help you progress and make sure you are getting the most out of the apprenticeship. IBM is a very ethical and it makes it a really trustworthy and pleasant company to work for. They treat you very well.
  8. The responsibility- If you can prove yourself and show that you can achieve, the possibilities are endless.  If you think that you will be making cups of tea when you start, you are greatly mistaken.  If you can be trusted to deliver I have no doubt that if you wanted it, you could be given a high profile job that you would have never thought you would be doing as an apprentice! Getting some of the jobs that you think are out of apprentices reach, does give you great satisfaction when you’re actually in them!
  9. The Social Side- A great part of being an apprentice is the social aspect. You will get the chance to meet a lot of new people, make new friends, learn new things and as a result be invited to a lot of events and have fun!  If you think it’s not for you, then that is also fine, there is no pressure to attend any of them.  An example of my week after work could be:  Golf range on Mon, Football on Tues, Bowling on Wed, Meal on Thurs.  There are also things like IBM Ski trip and the corporate games events.
  10. The Bonuses- No I’m not on about financial bonuses here (Although there could be a chance to get them) I am on about all the other things that make it a great company to work for. Thinks like cycle to work scheme, a chance to opt in for pensions or healthcare, you could get a company car or work phone, discount off things like electronics and holidays through IBM rewards and the option to buy shares.  All of these things are all great incentives to become a part of a leading company and in my opinion the best apprenticeship going!

I hope I have been helpful in this blog, because if I had known this information when I was looking for apprenticeships, it would have been a no brainer.

My name is Ryan McManus, I am an apprentice. Give me a message on LinkedIn if you have any questions.


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