Happy New Year – and the IBM Apprentice Blog 2015 kick off

And a very Happy (if belated) New Year to you all!  Welcome back to the IBM Apprentice blog.  As I mentioned previously, we have some exciting changes coming up to the blog this year, and we are starting today!  Instead of producing more blog posts like last year, in which each individual author gave you an insight into the inner workings of the mind of an Apprentice, we have decided this year to give you a bit more consistency – but also to show you just how different one apprentice is from another, and thereby demonstrating the sheer scale of possibilities that the IBM Apprenticeship offers.  In order to do this, we will be blogging in mini-series with each author giving you their insights into a specific theme – and with each theme will come a guest post from a senior IBMer.  So with all that said, and without any further ado … 

The beginning of a New Year is a time for looking back at what we achieved last year, and what we want to make of ourselves over the coming 12 months … and then we set ridiculous and unobtainable goals that we give up on in a matter of days.  Come on now, admit it – you know that plan to hit the gym every day for 2 hours, eat only lean protein and vegetables and get into bed before 10:30PM each day fell flat on its face after 48 hours!

So why do we do it?  What’s the point in making these high minded and aspirational goals when we all know that we’re going to give up on them, when the very act of making New Year’s Resolutions is in itself a comic act of self-deception?  There are many people much more qualified than me that will give much better answers, but I think it’s because we all know, deep down that actually goal setting is a good thing, and we all want to look back at 2015 and think to ourselves ‘yeah, I killed it this year .. much better than 2014’.  Because let’s face it, very few people actually wake up each morning truly content with their lives and have no desire for improvement.  So for that reason, and to help you shake off the post New Year’s resolution failure blues, the IBM Apprentice blog team is going to outline their goals for the coming year, their experience of the Apprenticeship scheme and maybe even life in general for your reading pleasure.  Remember, these goals are personal to each person and whether you agree with each goal or not, I’m sure that you will agree that 2015 can be, and is going to be, a fantastic year.

So, in order to practice what I have preached, I guess I ought to go first.  I’ve always liked the 1, 5 and 10 year goal setting structure so here goes:

Year: 1

By the end of 2015 I would be happy if I have:

  • Successfully been promoted to a Foundation level Architect
  • Successfully progressed out of
  • Taken on more personal responsibility for a number of technical projects across the retail accounts
  • Worked regularly on the client site, and worked closely with those key clients
  • Beaten the procrastination monster (there’s only so many gifs of ninja cats to be watched surely?)
  • Passed my driving test first time

Year: 5

By the end of 2020 I would be happy if I have:

  • Successfully been further promoted to a certified or Senior Certified Architect
  • Worked on at least one European project
  • Moved into a house with a garden (for summer BBQs in the rain obviously)

Year: 10

By the end of 2025 I would be happy if I have:

  • Achieved a position in my career and salary that I can support my family
  • Worked closely with some of the ‘thought leaders’ in my industry and in the Cloud space
  • Worked as the chief Architect with personal responsibility for a number of successfully completed projects
  • Sky dived (jumping out of a perfectly good plane seems something that takes a few years to build up to!)

So those are my plans (not all of them, because I think it’s OK to have some goals that you don’t particularly want to put into the public domain), and I’m happy for each and every one of you reading this to hold me to them!

And now it’s your turn, have a look at 2014 – what did you do, what didn’t you do – and think about what you want to look back on at the end of the year (and further!) and think to yourself ‘yeah, I killed it this year .. much better than 2014’.

Thanks for reading, have a great 2015!


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