Goals for the next year – Hollie Sauvage

Hey everyone! Despite it now being February, January having passed us by far too quickly, it’s now the time for me to set myself some goals. It is no longer a New Year’s resolution I’m not going to be able to keep, because getting fitter went well … I didn’t even get as far as joining the gym!

Firstly, I wanted to set myself some goals to achieve by the end of the year. There are so many opportunities available to me at IBM, so it was quite difficult to narrow down a couple of goals to work towards. There were so many things to consider – where I wanted to work, what I wanted to do and what I wanted to learn.

The best place to start would be if I wanted to stay on my project or move on later in the year – definitely not yet! I love the project I work on, there is always something new going on everyday, and a bunch of great people to work with on a regular basis.

Did I want to move roles? Yes! Although my role is great, I’d love to move on in a few months and take on a new opportunity. I’ve already discussed this with my manager, so hopefully there will be some more opportunities in the near future on my project. It’s always best to make your managers aware you want to do something new or take on more responsibilities!

What education do I want to do this year? Firstly, I had a great time on ITIL last year, so learning more of that this year is a definite must! It would be a great experience and would provide deeper knowledge allowing me to be able to move on and take on more responsibility. I also need to do some more Foundation learning: I have a course this week, and there are loads of online courses I’d like to do for my Apprenticeship. I definitely plan to do as many of these as I can this year.

I also wanted to look at some aspirations. There are so many things I could do, I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to progress to in the long term – Project Management, Service Management, Transition. This year I plan to research a bit more into some of the areas I have an interest working in, and look at education, and career routes to get into a specific path.

I’ll keep you updated how I get on with achieving these goals over the next year!


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