University Equivalents… – Avtar Marway

Despite getting offers from all of the Universities that I applied to, I decided to take a different path and do an Apprenticeship. There were many positive reasons to go to University and I was ready to spend at least 3 years at one. Before I get onto the point of why I didn’t go to University, I just want to say that this blog is my opinion and my reasoning for choosing an Apprenticeship over University. Everyone else is entitled to their own opinions when comparing Apprenticeships with University.

I decided to enrol on the IBM Apprentice Scheme instead of going to University for a number of reasons. During my second year of A Levels, I spoke to my Dad and Uncle about the Universities I should apply to. They gave me their advice and also told me to keep my options open as there were University equivalents out there. I took their advice and started for looking for University equivalents. At this point in time, I wanted to go to University, and was happy going to the one closest to me, Aston University. This was my firm choice and Nottingham was my insurance choice. As my uncle works for IBM, I decided to look on their website for any school leaver schemes. To my luck, they had an Apprenticeship scheme and I decided to apply. I got through the application process, the aptitude test, the application review, and the assessment centre. I had my assessment centre on March 7th 2014 and was told a week later that I passed this stage. It then took over a month to find me a business unit, and for me to get confirmation of becoming an Apprentice at IBM. Until I got the confirmation from IBM that I was definitely going to be enrolled as an Apprentice in September, I was pretty sure that I was going to University.

In my honest opinion, I would still have gone to University, if I didn’t get the offer of employment with IBM. The IBM Apprenticeship scheme was the only Apprenticeship scheme that I applied to and the reasons that I took this offer was because:

  • IBM are one of, if not, the biggest consulting companies in the world
  • I knew it would be much more difficult to get a Job with IBM in the future
  • I knew that I would be able to progress a very good and sustainable career and future with IBM
  • I preferred the hands on learning style rather than the University learning style

Looking back at it now, I am glad that I made this choice of not going to Aston University or any other University to study Computer Science. I have had an amazing time so far at IBM and cannot wait to see what happens in the next few years. I do not regret joining IBM and doing an Apprenticeship. For me, it is a great alternative and it provides similar attributes to University such as improving confidence, learning new skills, working independently, as a team and so on. If any Apprentice feels that they could benefit with a degree, then they still have scope to study for one after their Apprenticeship scheme. So there it is, my honest opinion of why I didn’t go to University.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog.

If you have any other questions, would like to know more information about the Apprenticeship scheme or anything else, tweet me @AvtarMarway, message me on LinkedIn, or comment on this post!

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