Google-ing your future – Lewis Davies

Google the word “University” now click on Images…. Here’s what I found.



















Google the word “Apprenticeships”…..Again here’s what I found











My point is they’re both stereotypes and neither is a truly accurate representation of what they involve. In the long run both of these people (although one of them is animated) can achieve the same thing if they choose to. Although these are extreme examples the point remains that it’s your ambition and drive that will make you succeed.

As an apprentice it would be easy for me to sit here and exaggerate the benefits of apprenticeships and say that universities are a waste of time. They’re not…. However if you’re really unsure on what you want to do or where your end goal is, perhaps an apprenticeship is a better choice if nothing else just to avoid the fees.

I’d like to break down some real world Pro’s and Con’s for each with an extremely selfish context as at the end of the day what’s the point in doing either if they’re not going to benefit you and you alone and not just from the perspective of your career but life as a whole.

Apprenticeships Uni
Pro’s Con’s Pro’s Con’s
You’ll be getting paid.

Experience makes you attractive to employers, most apprentices are kept on or can easily find new jobs.

You’ll receive Industry recognised qualifications

You’ll miss fresher’s week unless you take it off work…But holiday is precious!

You won’t get the “Halls” experience (But then being hungover in a grimy flat somewhere every week doesn’t sound that much fun)

9-5 grind….You’ll get used to it trust me.

Improve your employability.

Learn more in your area of study.

Good social life.

There are a number of things you cannot do on an apprenticeship in. Become a doctor for example.

Extracurricular stuff like sports teams etc.

Debt! – I know you don’t start paying back until your earning enough but just knowing it’s there cannot be a great feeling… that and eating smart price beans every night.

Struggle to find employment after all the hard work.


I could go on for days but I think overriding all this is the real question “Do I REALLY want to do this?” as unless your passionate about what you do it’s a waste of time. I was not passionate about my uni choices which is why I started looking for alternatives. The fact you are reading this blog shows either you are perhaps not passionate but at least interested in what an apprenticeship can offer or at least not very interested in university! Ultimately my advice to any young student suffering the classic apprenticeship vs uni dilemma would be to educate yourself on both options as best you can and probably ignore my Pros and Cons above as they are likely biased haha!

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