CAMSS: Mobile – Joe Barry

Mobile is a multi-billion pound industry and with an even brighter future it is no wonder that IBM are heavily involved. There are over 7.2 billion mobile phones in the world today, which is a big increase from the 6.8 billion that where around last year. 2014 also marked the year when the number of mobile phones surpassed the population of humans!

Mobile is not just limited to phones, it includes any device or service that is wireless and can be kept with you. Our lifestyle depends on us being as mobile as possible which is why companies are catering to the mobile lifestyle. Mobile devices have opened many avenues when it comes to business. Companies around the world are video conferencing, allowing employees to work from home (telecommuting) and have work e-mail on their phone. Technologies that we see in our everyday life would have been mind blowing 15 years ago.

Apps for me have become a way of life. I currently have a OnePlus One as my personal mobile and I love discovering new apps and tailoring them to my needs. IBM has an active interest in apps and even create their own for clients. With more people than ever with mobile phones, businesses are becoming mobile friendly to appeal to this massive audience. An increasing number of people completely rely on their phone for information, directions and purchasing products therefore I can only see IBM’s work in this area becoming increasingly more relevant.

Mobile in the future is when the sci-fi part of my brain gets excited. We have already had glimpses in the form of Apple’s iWatch which has become Apples most successful product launch to date receiving 7 million orders by the release day. Because of this it has also become the product that has shown the world how big the mobile industry is. Google glass, although not as successful, has shown us what is possible by pushing the boundaries of technology. However I am most excited about an idea that could be possible for us to have very soon and that is technology within clothes. Just imagine having a jumper that plays music in the hood and can control the volume and song from your sleeve. How great would it be to have a belt you could also use as a keyboard. Why not add a phone charger to your Jean pocket?

The possibilities are endless and IBM are helping to answer the many questions people like us are asking. Even though I have only been at IBM for 10 months I have already been in contact with a big player in mobile called Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a banking app for the new iWatch which allows customers to check their balance, make a payment and set up standing orders. In a nutshell it is internet banking at an arm’s length away. This is the first app of its kind and will soon be followed up by competitors trying to catch up.

IBM has always worked with members of the mobile industry. This includes the likes of Vodaphone and Apple. In that time IBM have created and managed a large number of software and apps for different mobile devices. IBM now wish to create smarter, more mobile cities in Spain with a partnership with Vodaphone. They are also creating customised apps for iPads that help the elderly in Japan by handling basic care giving duties, which I think is amazing! Both of these projects would really benefit the mobile industry and I am proud to be part of a company that can make such a difference. Being an IBMer gives you a chance to work with unique projects and high profile clients which is something I want to continue doing into my future.

When it comes to mobile, you can never predict the next breakthrough. It seems like nowadays everything is becoming mobile. What do you think with be the next step in mobile? How far can we go with it?


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