CAMSS: Fit for the Future – Guest Post by David Briggs

And so we develop this series once again with a guest post, this time from David Briggs – Delivery Partner, Portfolio of Public Sector accounts & Chair of the UK PM Professions board.  It’s a really good one, so make sure you check it out – and reach out to David (in the comments) and let him know what you think!

When I look back over my career and the clients I’ve worked with over the years I’m filled with pride at some of the amazing things that IBM does and the difference we make to people’s lives. I’ve mostly worked in the Public Sector and began by designing and testing some of the UK Air Traffic Control system. On very rare occasions the system had issues and they have to revert to their back up procedures, but generally I always had huge satisfaction knowing the system worked as I and others had tested it .. .and no one died! I started as a tester many years ago and I’ve always found it useful to have an excellent understanding of delivery and risks. As I’ve progressed through test management, into project and programme management, I’ve always tried to utilise the key experiences and knowledge I gained at each stage with re-inventing myself as technology and clients have changed.

I’m motivated by delivering leading edge solutions to clients that make a real difference and helping to develop people to grow their skills and capabilities. I have worked with incredible people over the years and it has been their skills and dedication that has meant we’ve delivered and made a massive difference to our clients. Over the years the technology, delivery approach, and solutions have evolved and the IBMers delivering them have evolved as well. It is our adaptability and flexibility combined with our excellent engineering capability that means that we can continue to move with the demands of our clients and the market.

The latest of these shifts in our client’s demands is the move to an agile and develops delivery method with a focus on transforming the business through CAMSS. As I discuss how clients in the Public Sector are looking to deliver their services to the public, it is clear that they are recognising that customer needs are changing. In particular, the need for delivery of these services using mobile devices and to utilise analytics to make smarter, quicker decisions and apply appropriate risk.

As IBMers we mustn’t throw away our experience and knowledge in pursuit of these new capabilities as they are critical to differentiating ourselves from our competitors. It is because of the people we have working for IBM that I’m confident that we can make this transition and stay ahead of our competitors by continuing to successfully deliver highly complex solutions. Sometimes we can lose focus on the huge opportunity and real challenges of moving with the technology and we can feel uncomfortable and personally threatened by the messages around CAMSS and Fit for the Future. One of the key lessons I’ve learnt over the years is that you shouldn’t be afraid of change and to evolve. We already have superb capabilities and skills that mean that we can evolve more easily than our competitors, even if we personally don’t feel confident in that, and we can continue to make a real difference to our clients and society.


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