CAMSS – Impact on working on a Public Sector Project

CAMSS – Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Security and Social, is the key strategy for IBM, and one that we must all take into consideration and follow as much as possible. However, as within my role as Change Manager on a Public Sector project, this is not always easy. In this post, I’ll look at some of the challenges that are faced when trying to implement all of the 5 strategies within a large Public Sector project.

In the Public Sector, Security is the most important aspect of CAMSS, as you would likely expect. Ensuring that all data and applications serviced by the project are kept safe and secure is at the heart of the clients expectations, so following this is the most important thing that we as a project team can do. As a Change Manager it is important to ensure that any data we are looking after is kept secure, as well as any changes that we are managing has no security implications for the applications. As seen in the news in the past, there have been numerous virus vulnerabilities so it has been important to act quickly to ensure these do not affect any of the systems that we are monitoring and looking after.

Keeping security as the main focus for the project has often meant that some of the other CAMSS strategies are not able to be implemented as effectively, but it is important for the project to continue to look for areas to progress within the remainder of the five strategies. As the project takes on new accounts, they have tried to move these onto the Cloud, where they are now hosted. In some cases, it is not possible to do the need to be extra resilient, but as new smaller accounts are incorporated into the programme, they are being hosted on a highly secure cloud network.

Each project faces different challenges, whether it is a public sector project or not, so it is important to remain at the height of the CAMSS focus where possible, and if needed keep a high focus on one particular area of the strategy.


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