What is the IBM Apprenticeship? – Avtar

University isn’t always the choice for people studying A-Levels. Some people prefer a hands on learning style, and some do not see university as the only choice for further education.
IBM offer an Apprenticeship scheme and this blog explains what the IBM Apprenticeship Scheme is.

So what is the IBM Apprenticeship Scheme?
The IBM Apprenticeship Scheme is an apprenticeship which is 3 years of training, before becoming an permanent IBMer. The aim of the Apprenticeship is to help you obtain the Advanced Apprenticeship for IT Professionals qualification as well as giving you experience in business and technical areas. The IBM Apprenticeship scheme is an alternative option for university and is considered one of the best apprenticeship schemes in the UK, which is proven by the awards that our apprenticeship scheme has won.

What do you do in the 3 years?
During the three years, you have a chance to complete other training courses such as ITIL, Prince 2 and more. You get great exposure to working with large clients, and this will increase your experience in the working world. The experience that you get from being an IBMer is one of the best experiences to have, and having IBM on your CV is also a great thing!

After the 3 years what happens?
At IBM, you are considered as a permanent employee, as soon as you join the company. After the completion of your Apprenticeship, you still have your job and you are still employed with IBM.

What type of Apprenticeship Schemes do you offer?
IBM have two roles within the IBM Apprenticeship Scheme. These are the Business Solution Specialist, and the Technical Solutions Specialist. This allows you to start your apprenticeship in either a business or technical role.

Am you restricted to the clients that you can work with?
Nope, not at all! You are able to work with many different clients and you are classed the same as other employees when working at client sites. The clients that you can work with, are within a wide industry. For example, we have clients within the medical industry, hardware industry, oil and gas industry as well as many more! You are not restricted to the clients that you can work for.

What benefits do you get?
A salary of £15,000
Company Pension
Travel Insurance
IBM Reward
25 days holiday

If you would like to know more about the IBM Apprenticeship scheme, feel free to leave a comment, tweet me @AvtarMarway, or message me on LinkedIn!

This will be my last blog for the year, so have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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