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Big Blue Goals – Joe Barry

Hello all, and welcome to my first post for the IBM Apprenticeship blog. My name is Joseph Barry and I joined the IBM Apprenticeship scheme in September 2014 mainly because I wanted to pursue a career that would make me. Having now been involved with 3 different apprenticeship schemes I know that the IBM Apprentice is right for me.


In the near future I will ‘spill the beans’ on my previous apprenticeships compared to IBM’s but for this post my aspirations will be my main talking point.


So excluding the fact that joining a massive company like IBM is a huge achievement in itself, the New Year is here so I must find new peaks to climb. One of these goals is to be a more independent and useful member of my group. I currently work at a building society within a testing team of both onshore and offshore resources. I hope this year I can learn more systems of testing and be confident in my ability to complete multiple ‘work packages’ effectively whilst also working independently. IBM can be very helpful in doing this as there are many courses they host in order to get the best out of their IBMers.  But nothing for me is better than getting hands on and learning on the spot so I believe this goal can be very achievable.


Goal number 2 is to win the Brathay Challenge 2015 (I like to aim high). The Brathay Challenge is a competition that takes place every year to find the best 9 man/woman apprentice team in the country and I am so happy to have been accepted for IBM’s team this year. For this we are doing a sponsored 10k run for the ‘Friends of the Elderly’ charity which helps older people that are lonely to meet new people, go outside and socialise. I am very relieved that a charity like this exists and would be glad to raise money and volunteer my help to them. We are also talking to schools across the country including my old school Admiral Lord Nelson in Portsmouth. So come along to these events to find out more, or come talk to me, I’m sure I will be my usual friendly self.


Now Goal number 3 is not very original but still necessary; over Christmas I may have indulged in one to many puddings, so much so that I am beginning to look like one! So as of this year I need to get back in tip-top shape (especially if I plan to participate in the Eastleigh 10k run). Being on any apprenticeship is a change in lifestyle which you need to adapt to and be happy with. That’s why staying in a hotel with a gym and healthy food is very important to me.


If I had chosen a different path in my career and ended up joining a university I would not be working with a team of professionals 3weeks from joining and therefore my first goal would be out of my reach. Goal 2, I definitely couldn’t achieve as the Brathay Challenge is only available for apprentices. Goal 3 would still be possible but my preference would be to learn on the job and go to the gym after rather than going to a classroom and then squeezing in a gym session along with revision.


Thanks for reading through my post. All comments are appreciated, o please feel free to share your opinions in the section below..  If you would like to find out more about the ‘Friends for the Elderly’ charity click the link below:




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