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Goals and Ambitions – Guest post from David Stokes, Chief Executive, IBM UK and Ireland

And so our first blog series comes to a close.  And what a great run it’s been.  We all hope you have reflected on your own successes in 2014 and have given yourself some ambitious goals for 2015 and the rest of your career.  Let us know if you chose anything to do with Apprenticeships – we’ll all help out in any way we can to make sure you reach your goals – and we’ll certainly let you know if we achieved ours by the end of the year!

Now, to close out this first series in style, have a read of the below – guest written for us by David Stokes, the Chief Executive, IBM UK and Ireland.  David has long been a supporter of the Apprenticeship scheme and has attended a number of events to inspire and congratulate the Apprentice community.  his words below give a good idea of his goals for IBM and the industry in 2015, and he also gives us some advice for making sure being an Apprentice is as fulfilling as it can be.  Check it out!

Our industry is changing at an unprecedented rate and scale, and our company is transforming to lead in this new era – the digital era. We have made significant progress to date and in 2015 our transformation continues.

Technology has been a source of great innovation for decades, playing a key role in improving the way we live, work and increase efficiency and productivity. Today we are witnessing the confluence of many global technology shifts – in areas such as big data, cloud, social, mobile and security. The convergence of all of these shifts is hugely disruptive to the way we do business across all industries and sectors.

IBM’s long standing history of innovation has meant that our clients have and will continue to look to us and demand the best of IBM; the technology and the expertise to help them operate efficiently and meet the demands of the new era. They will also continue to seek our help to build systems that engage with people in new and differentiating ways, whether they be external clients or their own employees.

To take our company forward and continue to support our clients we are focusing on three areas: firstly, continuing to accelerate our investments in the global technology shifts, secondly innovating within our core business and finally extending our partnerships to drive innovation, which has been the hallmark of our company for more than 100 years.

Our people are particularly crucial to this transformation, both to the business and to me personally. We must continue to invest in building the skills our client’s value most, as well as creating an environment in which innovation can thrive in this digital era.

Apprentices play an important role in ensuring we deliver the best of IBM. Not only do they bring new skills and new insights but a new approach to working. In a highly mobile and knowledge-based business, such as ours, they play an important role in ensuring the effectiveness of our company. I am a strong supporter of apprenticeships and believe giving young people the opportunity to work hard, learn fast and put their skills into practice, on “real-world” projects, will enable them and IBM to succeed.

In reflecting on my own career, and my some 25 years in IBM, I can say with confidence that IBM offers an immense range of opportunities to learn; not just about technology but about many different aspects of the commercial world. Each of these opportunities are a chance to grow and learn.

As you look to build your own careers, my advice to you all would be to: always give your best and act with professionalism in everything you do, never stop learning – from your successes and your mistakes, and finally do something you enjoy. I believe IBM offers the opportunity to do all of these, and it is down to you to embrace the challenge.