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CAMSS: The Apprentice Viewpoint – Josh White

Kicking off our next blog series, we have Josh White explaining CAMSS – the 5 technology ‘pillars’ that IBM has identified as the key growth areas for the industry and which shape the strategic direction of IBM world, R&D, acquisitions and day-to-day conversation with colleagues and clients. CAMSS – Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security are the vital areas of technological growth, crucial to both the Enterprise (IBM’s client base) and the end customer/consumer (Social in particular is expected to change the way businesses are run, interact with their customers and develop to meet the real time needs and wants of the world).

But given the key role that these technology pillars play, it is easy for them to be misunderstood, misrepresented or simply underestimated. Fear not though, as our IBM Apprentices will, over the course of the next series, explore these areas, explain the concepts in their own words and give you an insight into how these key areas of business development and strategy shape and define their day to day work. Enjoy ….


CAMSS (Cloud, Analytics, Mobile, Social and Security) has changed the way we interact with each other and the way businesses interact with their customers. IBM is investing vast amounts of money in these areas in order to differentiate itself from other technology companies and to create opportunities for its clients and business partners.

I am quite lucky to be on an account where the projects touch on every aspect of the CAMSS agenda one way or another. The main areas of CAMSS I have been involved with are Mobile and Analytics. I am currently a Business Analyst on a project that is building an iPad application to support a web based reporting tool that our client went live with late last year. The app will enable users to input data which will appear on a report you can view using the web app. I am also working on a project which analyses data of electricity companies against government measures. The system, once complete, will determine whether these companies meet the government’s criteria or not.

I am a big rugby fan and since joining IBM I have been interested in the IBM Try Tracker which uses analytics to provide fans with real-time insights into the game, including information about individual performance by players and predictions on the performance the rugby teams. The way it works is that IBM’s Predictive Analytics software will analyse historic and current rugby data provided by Opta, the world’s leading sports data provider, to provide valuable in-game stats. It gives viewers access to insights that will heighten their understanding of what to watch for in each game and explain what needs to be done to increase the likelihood of a teams win against a specific opponent.

As well as analytics the Try Tracker can be used on Mobile devices and tablets. Just watching the game is not enough any more for a lot of sports fans. They like to know how many tackles their favourite player made during the game, how many meters they ran, how many turnovers their team got or kick accuracy.

One feature of the IBM Try Tracker that links in well with my current project is its predictive analytical features. The Try Tracker will predict what 3 key things a team will have to do during the match in order to win. For example if each team achieves the below 3 objectives over the course of a match, they will win:

England Keys
•    Win more than 14 turnovers
•    Get more than 5 linebreaks
•    Achieve a successful goal kick percentage of more than 74%
Scotland Keys
•    Achieve a tackle success rate greater than 95%
•    Win more than 85% of own lineouts thrown
•    Have more than 6 attempts at goal

On my current project the system we are working on will use data which has been entered into a database to produce an outcome, and produce a different outcome if the data is changed. The end user will see the input data and the output data. In between this, the system is analysing a lot of data with multiple possible outcomes and producing the correct end result.

There are also a lot of exciting things that IBM is doing with Wimbledon which involves every aspect of CAMSS so please go and have a look at this as it is very interesting: http://www.wimbledon.com/en_GB/slamtracker/

Happy reading, Josh.